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Our company-wide sustainability strategy and ambitious long-term goals are focused on four key strategic pillars — our offerings, our operations, external engagement and our organizational culture.

Patrick K. Decker
Xylem President and
Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Decker on Sustainability at Xylem.

At Xylem, our mission is simple:
Let’s Solve Water.

At Xylem, our mission is simple: Let’s Solve Water.

Those three words encompass a lot. There’s an inherent linkage between water, climate and sustainability. As a global water technology provider, we address each of these - and the relationship between them — on a daily basis with a unique combination of applications expertise, innovative technology and a team of more than 12,500 employees who are committed to creating value for our many stakeholders. At Xylem, we are in a unique and exciting position; our mission to solve water impacts everyone on the planet and intersects with other urgent sustainability issues. Access to safe water is critical to economic growth and global health and we take our responsibility to manage this valuable resource seriously.

Our company-wide sustainability strategy and ambitious long-term goals are focused on four key strategic pillars — our offerings, our operations, external engagement and our organizational culture.

Our energy-efficient products and offerings span across the entire water cycle — from water intake to treatment to return — and address the unique challenges at each stage. We are investing more than ever before in R&D and innovation to develop sustainable technologies that can meet our customers’ greatest needs. With California in the midst of a five-year drought, the state is looking for reliable and drought-proof water supplies. This year a major wastewater treatment plant in Los Angeles installed our Wedeco water reuse solution as part of a project that will provide 12 million gallons per day of highly purified, recycled water to reduce its dependency on imported water. With this innovative and sustainable technology, we will help ensure that the plant complies with California’s stringent groundwater recharge regulations in the safest and most cost-effective way possible, while helping the city develop a drought-proof water management system.

While we are developing sustainable solutions for our customers and collaborating with external partners, we are also focusing inward to ensure that our own operations adhere to the same sustainable mindset. At our manufacturing plant in Emmaboda, Sweden, we have developed a heat recovery project to reduce the facility’s external energy purchases and carbon footprint. Throughout the year, a system of boreholes creates a stored heat reservoir that can be used to warm the site in the winter months. This year, enough excess heat was captured to warm the entire facility for approximately three years. Going forward, we expect that the recycled heat will satisfy more than 90 percent of Emmaboda’s heat demand.

At the same time, we engage similarly with our committed external partners — colleagues in the water sector and across industries, academics and innovators, NGOs and local governments — to work with us to solve the unique water-related challenges of today and plan for those on the horizon.

Our shared mission was never clearer than this past year during the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. Representatives from more than 190 countries adopted a landmark accord that commits nearly every country on the planet to lowering greenhouse gas emissions and slowing down the damaging impact of climate change. It was a uniting milestone that sets out significant work to be done. Investments in greener technologies that emit less CO2 into the atmosphere are a top priority for many, but the initial costs involved can cause nations and businesses to push this priority down the road.

This year, we conducted original research that demonstrated how wastewater utilities can cut carbon emissions by nearly half by adopting readily available energy-efficient wastewater technologies. Furthermore, our research showed that since a revamped wastewater sector would consume less energy, 95 percent of these emission reductions would either pay for themselves or result in savings that could be channeled into additional sustainable upgrades.

Also this year, we joined 140 other business leaders to sign a climate pledge demonstrating our ongoing commitment to climate action; we are members of the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Executive Council on Infrastructure, which is focused on finding ways to encourage private investment in U.S. infrastructure to bridge the gap created by a lack of government funding; and we have committed to the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact which calls on companies to align their strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption, and to take actions that advance societal goals.

“Sustainability is engrained in our corporate culture.”

Sustainability is engrained in our corporate culture. Through Xylem Watermark, our corporate citizenship and social investment program, employees around the world help provide clean water to communities in need. We received the 2015 Corporate Citizenship Award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation for the Best Health and Wellness Program. The award, which honors businesses for their significant impacts in communities around the world, recognized our work to provide sustainable access to water, sanitation and hygiene solutions to many of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Many more examples are included in this 2015 Sustainability Report. We are proud of the progress we have made on our journey, and will continue to advance sustainability in the water sector and beyond.

What we do matters, and the way we do it — with a sustainable mindset — is just as crucial. We are determined to make a difference, to solve urgent water challenges, and continue to build Xylem as a sustainable business that defines success not just by our work in the water industry, but by our ongoing impact on the world.

Patrick K. Decker


President and Chief Executive Officer
Xylem, Inc.

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