About This Report

The Xylem 2015 Sustainability Report includes:

  • Stories, videos, key metrics and links to additional information that highlight our 2015 sustainability improvements and achievements
  • A video and written message about sustainability from Xylem President and CEO Patrick Decker
  • An overview of our sustainability strategy, goals, organization and recognition
  • A discussion about how we determine material sustainability issues for our company and our stakeholders, and an accompanying materiality matrix
  • A GRI Progress Report, called “Progress Against G4 Reporting Guidelines,” that adheres to the international standards for sustainability reporting

The GRI Progress Report provides a detailed look at how Xylem performed in 2015 against the reporting criteria set out by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). We have used the GRI standards for the past three years to provide readers with easy access to specific information and more transparency about our company and operations. This year, we transitioned from GRI’s third generation (G3) guidelines to its fourth generation (G4) standards. G3 reporting guidelines asked companies to report on everything they monitor. G4 represents GRI’s most up-to-date and comprehensive guidelines, and encourages companies to focus their report content on the material issues that matter most to their business and stakeholders. According to GRI, the G4 standards are designed to make reporting guidelines more user-friendly and focused for organizations and their readers. The G4 standards also improve the technical quality of the report and align closer with other reporting frameworks.