To Create an Enduring Company

Solving water challenges is a never-ending mission, and we are working to ensure our company is built to endure the long road ahead. We operate our business responsibly, guided by high standards of governance, fostering a culture that is focused on achieving financial growth in an ethical, sustainable and compliant manner.

The foundation of Xylem is based on our four core values: respect, responsibility, integrity and creativity. Through Code of Conduct training, Xylem employees gain a deep understanding of these core values and the types of behaviors, actions and decisions that will enable them to support these company values. Every other year, we conduct global Code of Conduct training for all employees, and we provide training to all new employees and to targeted locations throughout Xylem on a continuous basis.

A critical component of our mission to create an enduring company is a commitment to pursue sustainable innovation. Whether innovation comes in the form of new products, services or even business models, this process of continuous improvement provides us with a competitive advantage and opens the door to forging new partnerships that bring us closer to emerging water issues.


Following are certain full-year financial results. Our complete 2015 financial results* can be found here:


$3.65 billion

Operating Income

$449 million

Retained Earnings

$885 million

Dividends Paid

$102 million

Outstanding Shares

179 million


Feature Stories

Xylem strives to be part of the solution in countries where the water crisis is at a critical stage — and where we can make an immediate and lasting difference.

In April 2015, Xylem was invited to participate in the U.S. Presidential Trade Mission to the People’s Republic of China. Xylem executives accompanied senior leaders from 25 other companies on this weeklong “Smart Cities — Smart Growth Development Mission.” Visiting Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Xylem executives had the opportunity to meet with government officials and business leaders to discuss opportunities to provide Chinese communities with sustainable products and services, such as clean air and water technologies, smart buildings, green data centers, energy efficient technologies, waste treatment technologies, smart grid and green transportation.

Just prior to the Mission, state media in China reported that the government was committing $330 billion to implement an action plan to combat pollution of its increasingly scarce water resources. “We are very encouraged by the Chinese government’s commitment,” said Xylem President and CEO Patrick Decker. “With a long history of operating in China and a strong local presence, we will continue to invest our time and resources to accelerate research and partner with local communities to solve their water challenges.”